Seeds to Make New Babies…

Seeds from the Blanket Flower and the milkweed (that feeds Monarch butterflies and other butterflies)

And their flowers.

And this is like birthing a baby.

What color are the flowers of this unknown crepe myrtle? White? Light Pink? It’s like Christmas, and I can’t wait to see what’s inside the package. The other I bought in the store and it’s a Purple Magic crepe myrtle. 🙂 <3

I’m not big into white flowers, but if it helps to block my view of my neighbor’s two-story windows behind me, it’s a good thing. The Purple Magic doesn’t get that tall–6-10′. Whereas other varieties will get from 15-20′. The way this other is growing so fast, I think it’s a taller variety.

Most of these were macro shots, except the one of the blanket flower. Every time I went outside to pull weeds, I’d see the blanket flower fluffy seed ball and wanted to take pictures. And then I saw the milkweed seeds and switched to the macro lens. Birds will use the fluff from the milkweed seed for nests, and humans have used the fluff to fill life jackets. Cool, eh? For me, they make fascinating pictures.

Oh, and speaking of babies, Happy Father’s Day for all those great daddies out there!

Have a great and notable day. 🙂

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