Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

My Havanese loved the St Bernard and barked at him to run along the fence with them. They ran back and forth, back and forth, then they took breathers and checked each other out again. He was such a mellow fellow, and he’s just a puppy. If the fence wasn’t there? They’d probably have been afraid of him.

He inspired me to add him to Flight of the White Wolf, which is coming out next year.

Have a great one!!


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2 thoughts on “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

  1. Love St. Bernard they are such a gentle breed.
    Now where did the monkey came from? What is it, too big to be an squirel monkey, the white patch in his nose got me out of quilter, or it’s a Macaca?

    • Yes, the St. Bernard is. Not too sure on the monkey. I should have taken a photo of its nameplate. I looked up white nose monkey and it’s a guenon. Really sweet looking. 🙂

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