Okay, yes, I love Role Playing Games. I’m working on Divinity Original Sin and am like so many others who are annoyed that after building up my characters, I have a no-win scenario with immortal knights. So what is the purpose of equipment, spells, and training if I have to try and sneak past these guys???? When I’m not a rogue and sneaking isn’t part of my whole persona?

But I’m actually talking about a group who role plays my cougar series on Facebook!

And so they’re having a fun fall day festival and I made a couple of pictures for them.

Now it’s time to get back to work. 🙂 Billionaire Wolf Christmas beckons. I reached word count, so now just need to finish the story!

And it’s cool this morning, just like a real fall day!

Have a great one!


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2 thoughts on “RPG!

  1. WOW sounds cool ! I used to role play back in the days of MSN community . We had a biker bar room and a wild wild west room 😉 with Doc Holliday and me as Annie Oakley lol lods of fun ! Doc was a real life bad boy COP ! Sexy in his Cowboy hat and nothing else . WOW the memories OMG TMI probably hehe .

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