No time, no time, no time…

No time, no time, no time, no time….

I worked until 1 am this morning on All’s Fair in Love and Wolf edits. I’m on my last chapter and epilogue, but had to finally call it quits, get some sleep and start over again this morning. I need to finish Billionaire so I can send it to my beta readers…, so I’m hoping I can finish that one today. Too.

I have a reader tea and book signing coming up. So no time to write while I’m doing all of that.

And that will be my break!!!

This morning it was super foggy out, last night I was cold, but this morning it’s warm again. Weird weather. A bluebird was perched on the fence, again, in the dark, so before I let the puppies out, I was trying to get a shot of him. Handheld camera shots in the dark, probably is all blurry. Fed the puppies, the birds, killed milkweed bugs, and washed aphids off the milkweed, and now it’s time to do my blogs and get to work.

Oh, about the pictures. So, there’s a yellow butterfly I’ve been trying to capture in some shots, and wouldn’t you know I WAY overexposed them. Ugh. I saw a fritillary butterfly and was trying to capture it, then the monarchs came for their pictures, but wouldn’t hold still. I went looking for my lone little monarch caterpillar, and couldn’t find him, but a bumblebee was on the flowers next to me, so I tried to take a few shots. My computer has been giving me grief, so I was having trouble with doing anything last night. I’m sure there are better pictures of the bumblebee. Photoshop kept crashing, everything kept hanging up. When I turned to look for the caterpillar again–I only see it once in a blue moon–there’s the monarch!!! She’s sitting so prettily on a bunch of milkweed flowers so close to me, I could reach out and touch her! 🙂

I’m almost to the end of All’s Fair and then I can turn that back in! 🙂 <3

Have to do one other blog, and then I’m off to finish All’s Fair….

Have a super duper day!!!


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