The Woods…

The original woods and then the fun versions using Topaz Labs. I had the baby over and sometimes while she’s sleeping, I can play with photos, but trying to do much of anything else is hard. We do a lot together and have fun though.

If I were writing about the woods, looking at the different pictures, it would evoke different moods for the story. Everything is a picture to me. I wrote 1,000 words last night after baby went home, and when I went to bed, I was thinking of another scene. I could see the Highlanders being angry with the encroaching clan, swords drawn, words spoken.  I was too tired to write it down, and that usually means I forget it by the time I wake up. But, thankfully, I still remember it, so will start with it first thing this morning.

I’m really at the end of the story, so I need to finish it up.

Oh, and so far, it looks like I don’t have a rat problem any longer. Max killed one of them. He’s the white one and so fast. Both Havanese are. They shoot out of the house like bullets, so I have to warn birds before I allow the dogs to leave the house. They’ve caught 3 birds, but that was before I started making them sit before I allow them to leave. They didn’t kill them, but caught them, and I made them release them, then I carried them out front so they could recover and they flew off.

The rats only come out at night, so last night and this morning in the dark, they would be on the feeders. I turn on the porch light and release the dogs. Last night there were none. And none this morning. So I might have found a natural deterrent. 🙂

Off to write!!! Have a wonderful day!


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2 thoughts on “The Woods…

  1. “Who’s that I see walking in these woods? Why, it’s Little Red Riding Hood!”
    Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
    “Wooly Bully” 1965

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