Fog and Christmas Lights

I like storms, as long as they don’t fill your house with water, tear down your trees or pull off your roofs, but a nice rainstorm clears the air, charges it with electricity, makes a change in the humdrum of weather. So we have storms coming in for the next few days.

Temperature changes can be wild too–highly fluctuating–from hot to cold, cold to hot. This morning I expected cold like it’s been, but nope, it’s hot. Well, warm. But not cold. And it’s going to be hotter, well, warmer, not cool later today.

It keeps me on my toes though. I HAVE to look at the weather report, just to get a ballpark idea. Because, as we all know, weather reports sometimes aren’t all that accurate. It’s great for changes in stories too–when the weather turns bad, or really nice. Characters have to adjust to the changes too. And it can make for great conflict.

Think of the ship breaking up in a storm. No shelter. A sunny, breezy day. A cold, rainy, blustery day. A foggy dark night. A Highlander in a kilt. *sigh* Got to get back to the story.

So this morning, we had major fog. We had it a couple of days ago, but I was busy and didn’t have time to photograph it. But methinks, wouldn’t it be fun to try and photograph the fog and Christmas lights???

And so at 4:45 this morning, that’s what I was doing, after I took the dogs out. Most everyone had their lights off, so I only had mine and one of my neighbor’s and another’s across the street to capture in the fog. Christmas lights are pretty. Fog is pretty. It was fun capturing them together.

Off to work on a bear and My Highlander. I’m halfway through edits, but still finishing the book too! Picture the Bubblegum Bear (in blue and purple) in Blue Rainbow’s larger size, the big one lying on his back. 🙂 <3 That’s what I’m currently working on. Well, I cut it out….

Hope you have an excitingly wonderful day! Mine is going to be excitingly busy.


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