More Snow and Ice Photos

Past time to get rid of this bug. Really.

Some more pictures of the ice and snow. We had a lot of ice and my grass is still covered in it. I’d forgotten to turn off my water fountain, but took a picture before I unplugged it. It’s been warm!! Freezing rain on top of the feeder. Goldfinches in flight, taking off suddenly from the feeder. It was snowing, but also, they sent seeds and snow and ice flying.

600 ice-related accidents in Houston area. Schools shut down, thankfully. I wonder how many of those accidents could have been prevented? In other words, how many of those involved HAD to be on the road. Police were telling people to stay at home unless they HAD to go out in this. A couple of the water districts were without water for a while. We just can’t handle this kind of cold for very long.

I asked my daughter if this was going to impact on school dates because the kids were out of school for so long during the category 5 hurricane, snow, and now two ice days, but she said the hurricane days were forgiven. And the ice days were covered.

Bear orders are stacking up. Book deadlines are stacking up. And I feel like a zombie.

Back to work on Demon Hunter! Hoping I start to feel better soon. I might have to see the doctor for antibiotics. I don’t like to have to take them, if I can overcome this stuff on my own, but I might have a sinus infection.

Have a lovely day!!

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2 thoughts on “More Snow and Ice Photos

  1. I was just going to ask if you were better. … the flu is lasting 2 weeks or more… I was just reading/listening a report from a Medical Center in California. this year Flu vaccine cover only 25% of what is up there. They are still asking people to get vaccination better be covered 25% that none at all. I know what it meas antibiotics but sometimes is the only rute and that is ONLY if you have a Bacterial infection no viruses
    Take care, keep warm and plenty of liquids

    • They said I didn’t have the flu, but lungs weren’t clear. I could hear the rasp in them when I was breathing in or out. So they put me on antibiotics, gave me a shot, and if I feel worse in 2-3 days, I need to get a chest x-ray. So it was good I’d gone in. I really thought I had a sinus infection.

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