Macro Shots and Being Sick

Macro shots of a rosebud, waiting to see if it will warm up, and another that is trying to weather out the cold, and of ice in the fountain.

I finally gave in and went to see the doctor. Had to get a shot, on antibiotics, steroids (for good muscles), and cough pearls. Now, antibiotics can make me nauseous. So it’s a necessary evil, but, I’m not looking forward to this. They said not the flu, no sinus infection (tell that to my sinuses), but my lungs are raspy. Yes, I could hear that. Did I feel short of breath?

Well, given that if I did anything, or didn’t do anything, I was coughing my lungs out, and my sinuses are so congested that I can’t breathe and I’m not doing much of anything…no. If I tried to walk a mile, maybe, but I would have figured that’s because I can’t breathe and I keep coughing.

But I really went in to make sure I didn’t have a sinus infection.

Now, the steroids and antibiotics can make you throw up. The cough pearls can make you lose your mind (says that in side effects, not making this stuff up) and make you sleepy. The steroids will keep you awake. I’m only taking a cough pearl at night when I’m trying to sleep so I won’t cough all night, though I couldn’t stop coughing last night anyway. And there’s a reason for that. I need to get rid of all this congestion. So if I lose my mind in the middle of the night, I’ll hopefully have it back by the time I wake up. I won’t miss it until then.

As to the steroids (only 5 days of them, so one day down), I need to stay awake all day anyway, so I can work. The throwing up part doesn’t work for me though. Sweating? Restlessness? I can deal with it.

But hopefully, I’ll begin to see an improvement soon and be back to my normal self!

Hope everyone stays well!!! And has a great day!

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7 thoughts on “Macro Shots and Being Sick

  1. I am glad you went,…. no more alcohol my lady No…No with Antibiotics and steroids
    they gave you the 5 days pack. you estar with 5 the first day and everyday one less until last day 1 ?
    I hope you have yogurt pack that down to protect tour intestinal flora!
    hugs take care
    … me to PT. TTYL

    • Tom, Lola won’t let me have the hot toddy. lol Five days for the steroids, and 7 for the antibiotics (2 a day). So one day down on both since I had the one of the antibiotic horse pills yesterday. 🙂 Going to have some ginger tea. 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry Lola is such a party pooper. Ten wet noodle lashes for me lol. I suppose I figured you knew not to do the alcohol with those antibiotics and my post was only meant to be humorous. Cheers

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