Doggy Daycare, Dragons, and a Cougar Wannabe…

Okay, so no baby this week. I’ve got corgi power instead. Rilo, the black and tan Welsh Pembroke corgi, was my first grandbaby. 🙂  Luna came after that. So I’ve been their grandmama before my dogs came along and before the first grandbaby–human persuasion, came along. Here they are with my dogs chilling out near where I am at my desk. “What, Max??? Don’t tell me you want to go out! Now! When everyone just got settled down.”

Yep, and so it goes. I take three dogs out at a time. Mine don’t usually hassle the next-door dogs, but the corgis will, so I take them out on leash, one at a time, for the most part. I did “lose” Luna as she darted out the door one time, and Rilo another. But I was lucky. The neighbor’s dogs weren’t out. They all go crazy.

Because I write about fae dragon shifters, I had fun with creating the dragons courting in the one picture. You thought they were fighting, didn’t you? I write HEA so they are HEA. 🙂  And I write about cougar shifters. So I thought it was fun that the Abyssinian cat wishes she could be a cougar when she grows up.

I’m off to write. It’s supposed to be stormy, so I’m hoping it won’t be too much of a hassle taking the dogs out in the rain all day. 🙂

Have a fun and hassle-free day!!

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