Between Birthday Parties, Easter, Jury Duty and…

I missed posting a blog for a couple of days!

I wasn’t selected for jury duty. No one with a higher number than about 31 was, and I was 58 out of 60. It might have been because I changed my original date of April 15, to April 2nd. The juror number 60 had done the same thing. Juror 59 was a no-show, or I would have asked if the person had done the same thing. In past cases, my number was always too high, and I just called in and they said I didn’t need to show. And another time, I was stationed in the army at Fort Meade, Maryland, so didn’t have to appear in the Texas court. This was the first time I actually had to go in and see the process. It was really interesting, the lawyers presenting their cases, trying to read the jurors, the questions asked, none of which I can share. But, we had an FBI agent and Homeland Security agent show up for jury duty, which I was surprised. They can elect not to come. And of course, they weren’t chosen. 🙂

I was talking to a juror who was as lost as I was, trying to find our way into the courthouse, and she was so funny because she’s Hispanic and said she works at a college, so she couldn’t get away with saying she didn’t understand enough English. She asked what I do and I said I was a romance author, and a lady across from us got really interested and is going to buy some of my books. lol So it wasn’t a totally wasted day. And I did run by Barnes and Noble and autographed my books at the Woodlands Mall too!

I was excited that my photos of baby for her birthday and Easter, who was moving around like crazy, came out so clear this time, with no blurred arms, legs, etc!!! It looks like she’s posing for me in each of the shots, nice and still, even though that’s impossible with a one-year-old. lol All due to setting the camera at f3.2 instead of around f1.4, and keeping my shutter speed at 250s, ISO I think around 160, and putting as much light on in the room that I could.

I also finished edits and turned in Her Jaguar Protector and all the materials’ request, which will be the pitch they make to sell the book to stores, and what they’ll use to create the cover. Speaking of which, Billionaire Wolf Christmas’s cover should be coming soon too.

So now it’s time to write the SEAL wolf story. But first, I have to take care of the baby!

Have a wonderful day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Between Birthday Parties, Easter, Jury Duty and…

  1. Beautiful photos, Princess Fairy at her Best… love the colors.
    …picking a jury is interesting, sometime can go fast others longer if the lawyers presenting their cases are making things difficult, trying to read the jurors is important, the questions asked give them the idea who will be a fair juror. As an Interpreter you have to be in your toes, questions and answers are very fast… in one cases in 3 hours we have 12 jurors and 1 alternate…., in another almost 6 hours, many rejects which can happen if the case has been in the News and how much coverage it has, for those they prefer jurors from counties farther away from were the crime has been committed.

  2. Thanks! Two of the jurors (possible), had been in a trial where the judge finally just said all 60 jurors had to stay for the trial. 12 were in the courtroom and the remainder had to watch it on close circuit tv.

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