Mystery Flowers

Most flowers I know what they are when they bloom. The buttercup (ranunculus, purple flower), the pink daylily I just planted and it’s the first to bloom of all the daylilies I’ve planted. The azalea (lavender with water drops on it), the coreopsis (golden flower, had to do a search on it, because I’d forgotten what it was), and the other mystery plant, have no idea! So it’s like Christmas in spring!

Every year I plant more perennials, because I like to see them take hold and expand, rather than just add annuals that have to be replaced every year. I have planted some in the past–pentas, because the hummingbirds love them, but I’ve run out of room for them.

Every day, it’s like Christmas as I check to see who is blooming, and voila! There’s another new sunny face smiling up at me.

I need to find before and after pictures of how my plants are growing. I love seeing pictures like that!

Okay, I’m off to make the final changes on Her Jaguar Protector and then get ready for Easter early and a baby birthday party.

Enjoy a little mystery in your day too!


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