Gardening as a Hobby

Burgundy daylily, pink dianthus in the background, red Asian lily, yellow Asian lily

I’m impatient. Yep. That’s me.

I started my garden two years ago, but from the beginning, I wanted it to look….finished. This year, its just starting to take hold in it’s third year. Some flowers bit the dust. Others are doing great. Some struggle. From that, I learn which do fine here in the hot, hot, hot long humid summers, but can still withstand a hard freeze or two…or three in winter.

But I kept adding flowers. It didn’t look like a garden yet. Just a few sparse flowers here and there.  And lots and lots and lots of weeds.

The second year, I added a lot more flowers. I learned that interspersing with annuals helps, if the flowerbed needs some more color, but you know that the perennials, that come back each year, will eventually take over. That way there’s more constant color. Some annuals will reseed themselves and you’ll have a new crop, or a few anyway, will return the next year.

With the flowerbeds around the oak trees, they (the builders) piled mulch high, high on the trees, not good, BUT the trees put out feeder roots through the mulch. So planting in that isn’t easy.  And you don’t want to damage the tree. Then seeds really are the greatest. The problem again is that the high mound dries out quickly, so I have to plant stuff that doesn’t mind a little drying out. I have to water it on the hottest days.

I like low maintenance as much as possible. Plant the flowers, let everything do it’s own thing. And then I get to just take pictures. 🙂 <3

But I’m still spending a LOT of time weeding. Soooo, still working on a way to cut some of that down. Until then, I’ve got word count to get back to!

My regular job calls me.

Have a lovely weekend!! We’re looking at severe thunderstorms and hail even today. So I was out pulling weeds from the lawn this morning. 🙂


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