Massing Color or….Not & It’s EARTH Day!

Pink gerbera daisy, yellow daffodils, hot pink dianthus, red gerbera daisies, red drift roses, yellow Asiatic lily, yellow coreopsis moonbeam, and more flowers about to bloom

Around the neighborhood when I walk, I see where some neighbors mass their colors–all orange marigolds, or yellow lantana, and it’s showy and pretty. That’s what is often recommended. Same plant, same color for a really spectacular setting.

Me? I tend to have a riot of color. I have been adding a lot of the same kind of flowers–the lilies and daylilies so that it’s not just one here and there. And as they get bigger, spread more, they’ll be more noticeable. I had only one red rose bush, and now have two. I notice that neighbors who have more than one in their front yard appear to be more balanced. I added one of the apricot ones too. I can’t help myself. They’re beautiful. But I think another couple of red roses is in order. The drift are small, lower, you don’t have to do a thing with them. So I think I’ll get a couple more of those to balance things out. I have all purple magic crepe myrtles out front so that I have balance with those. 🙂

I had all blaze red roses out front of my house along a fence when I lived in Oklahoma, and it really was pretty, but the blaze eventually died of fungus. My mom had them too all along her white brick wall in Texas and the same thing happened to hers. Knockout roses seem to be the best for hot humid weather and survive fine through the hard freezes we have.

I had a redbud with the prettiest purple flowers and I had a flowering perennial ground cover that was the exact same color! I did it on purpose, NOT, but boy, was it spectacular when all of them were in bloom. So massing color does work!

It’s EARTH Day! Remember the earth, plant a tree, recycle, save water!

Okay, off to work on the story!! Up to 25,000, 55K to go!

Have a wonderful day!!


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