When the Unexpected Happens and Messes up Your Goals…

Daylily, Stormy Weather, Spider Lily, Sunny Sunflower

I was sick, sick, sick yesterday and up all night the night before being sick, ugh. It didn’t work well for my writing. Though I did finish edits on Her Jaguar Protector the night before, and yesterday I managed to get 1/2 of my word count for the day.

Feeling much better today, and hope to catch up on my word count!

Which goes to prove that if you do more than you have scheduled, if you have an unscheduled interruption, you will still be mostly on track. 🙂

On the flowers, I planted the spider lilies this year, and didn’t know how they’d really look. They’re beautiful, exotic. The sunflowers come up from the birdseed. I just let them flower. The bees like them. And I missed taking a picture of a bee that was too cold to move, sitting on a chives flower yesterday morning. I was reading where that’s the best way to take a really good closeup shot. I checked this morning, but no bees. They’re around, but just didn’t find one resting anywhere.

Off to catch up on my writing!!! Have a flower-filled day!


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4 thoughts on “When the Unexpected Happens and Messes up Your Goals…

  1. Good morning Terry
    I hope you get better, my multitasking friend YOU NEED TO REST!
    Lots of liquids
    In another note
    Glad to read that Aidan Denali is the
    “Billionaire (sounds French) Wolf for Christmas.

    • I’m feeling much better!!! I was on the couch, trying to get some word count, watching a thriller series all day, just drinking water. Managed to get some chicken soup broth down. 🙂 <3 Yes, he is going to find us the cure for their wolf longevity….hopefully. I think he needs some help though. 🙂

  2. It puzzles me… I mean…don’t they like to have longer lives…?LOL Fiction ♥
    No Me, actually I wasn’t expecting to be here this long…in 10 months I will Be 70th,
    except for mi grandpas they died at 83 two months appart
    Dad passed at 60, Mom at 68, her brother at 56, their mom at 45.

  3. Lol, yes, they do. I had such issues with my editors about longevity that I changed it, and then I had such issues with my fans who wanted me to find the cure….lol, so it was fun trying to figure out how I could give it back to them. Wow, on your family passing so young. You’re doing something right!! My dad died at 76, but it was due to lung cancer. He created doll carriages, etc, and was breathing in all that sawdust for a decade. I’m sure that’s what caused his death so young. His ex-wife worked at a grill, cooking all those greasy fries and died at 45 due to lung cancer. Some of it can be attributed to our environment. 🙁

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