I’m Eclectic! Are You?

Spider lily has two blossoms now. They’re supposed to be rebloomers. I think the one next to it is one also. I haven’t decided what the low-growing plant is. It looks like something I must have planted, but it just keeps spreading, and that’s it. 🙂 The dianthus were especially perky, and look at the little woodland fern that just peeked out from its shady spot! I’ve never had much success with planting ferns, and since I don’t have a lot of shade in the garden, I wasn’t about to plant any here. But…it came up on its very own–native from the old forest, and so it’s welcome! They remind me of the years I lived in Oregon.

And now about being eclectic.

I realized not only am I an eclectic reader, movie watcher. I’m an eclectic gardener, decorator, photographer, and writer.

What this means is for me, I like diversity in all things. I want to have a lot of different flowers or other kinds of plants in the garden. It makes it interesting–to me. And for photographing, lots more fun. I like to take photos of all kinds of different things, not just landscapes, or wildlife, or people. I like to write in all different fields–historical romance: western, Highland; comedy romance; paranormal romance: shifters, psychics; futuristic romance; young adults: paranormal, fantasy…

And decorating? I don’t have one theme.

I’ve always been an eclectic reader, and I realized that it pertains to most areas of my life. A lot of greats–great photographers, writers, etc., have a specialty that makes them very knowledgeable in what they write, or the best techniques to use in their photography. They write only historicals, or only take portraits, or specialize in landscapes and they become renown. Everyone knows them for this special talent.

But all of us are different. I will never be great, but for me, I like diversity. It keeps my stories fresh. It provides more interesting photos at any time–when all I have time for is a quick jaunt outside. I need different to stimulate creativity.

What about you?

I made up my word count! That means I’ve finished 52,000, 28K to go, woohoo!

Baby’s due here any moment, and if she’s not having stomach problems, I’ll take us on a grocery shopping trip. I’m feeling better! And I’ve lost 4 lbs. Which is great. Now if I can keep it off! I lost 5 lbs from the last flu she gave me a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t regain them! Making progress! Not that that’s the way to do it, mind you!

Have a great day, whether it’s eclectic, or more…organized, enjoy life to its fullest. 🙂 <3


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2 thoughts on “I’m Eclectic! Are You?

  1. To Be Eclectic is “awesome” you are no bore or boring 😉 ♥
    Been (being) lol [never remember which is which] anyway
    I think as an Eclectic teacher was the reason that earned me to Be Nominated twice for
    ” Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers” by my Seniors university students in consecutive years .

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