The Squirrel Hunt is on…Or the Squirrel Game is on…

Max is my hunter. Both havanese are, but he’s the fastest and he caught the rat that meant no more rats on my feeders. None. Any. More. The rats live in packs like wolf packs and so once one of their own was killed in front of another, that was too afraid to leave the feeder, no more rats.

Max also is persistent. Tanner wanders off and does his own thing. But if Max is chasing the squirrels, he’ll join him.

So the squirrel chase is on. They run so much slower than the havanese, but they tend to do tactical maneuvers much faster. They turn and twist and the dogs can’t turn that fast. The squirrels are a real nuisance with the feeders, dumping the feed on the ground. Some birds eat it, but often it just rots. I use the tray for the bigger birds. And yes, I’ve tried squirrel-proof feeders and they are impossible to clean.

Max usually sits at the base of the pine tree where the squirrel has scrambled. Max can jump really high, but the squirrel will stay just out of his reach. It’s a game to the squirrel. He’s wagging his tail at him. Taunting me while standing up next to the shrubs, makes for great pictures. I always try to look at the bright side of things! But here, Max was hiding behind a shrub, lol, waiting for the squirrel to leave the tree. He is becoming a tactician.

We have tons of squirrels, so it’s not just one. And I doubt if the dogs managed to catch one, that would deter others. I don’t really want them to kill them either.

I just switched to seeds only variety of birdseed, so hope that helps lessen the mess. And I bought a composter for the garden. More about that later.

Managed to get 2,000 words on my off day (baby was here), so up to 54,000! Twenty-six to go. Now, that wasn’t hard, was it? Goals, goals, goals, and working toward them, even if I don’t feel like it. Still nauseous and can’t seem to kick this bug, but I’m writing anyway. It’s easy to make excuses, so I try not to!

Have a super day!!!


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