Fun Stuff in the Garden

First zinnia flower from seed. And the new orange and yellow daylilies finally bloomed. The mushroom is the fairies’ planting, I’m sure.

Off to write!! I’ve been working on the cover for Claiming the White Bear. It helps me to visualize the characters. I added a little word count to that book yesterday (up to 12,000+ now), and to SEAL Wolf Surrender. I’d prefer a conflictive couple for the cover of the new white bear book but couldn’t find any. Conflict is better! For a book that is romantic suspense.

Anyway, I started Claiming the White Bear at Christmas time while visiting my son and DIL. He was playing a game and I was watching it and giving direction (lol) and writing. Perfect vacation. But then I got a new contract for 3 more books and had to get down to writing deadline books.

Oh, and my daughter claimed the Sunshine ligustrum that volunteered next to the house. So I’ve got to try and dig it up for her. 🙂  I love being able to share plants!

I’m back to the word count!!! Have a great day!!!


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