Growing the Garden…Where???


Early Girl tomatoes starting to ripen…yum. Esperanza dies back every year, but it’s finally starting to flower–the pretty yellow flowers. The fairy garden of roses, marigolds, coneflowers, and crepe myrtle soon–and a smudged version (Topaz Studio–free). And garlic growing where? In the fridge, where else?

Twelve-thousand words left on word count on SEAL Wolf Surrender and I’ve been working on Patriotic Patric bear. Hope to have him done today to ship tomorrow. I have a problem though. The lady who bought him doesn’t use email. Which makes it hard for me to keep in touch with her. She sent me a snail mail letter and is interested in several more bears. But how can I correspond? My printer is a laser black and white printer I use for printing out my mss and re-reading them. No color. So I can’t send her photos of the bears that she might want. Phone reception is awful. When I talked to her–as she’d lost me–I’d moved twice, but the phone kept cutting out on us. She sees them on the internet, so she does do that, but…

I love the advent of the internet. As soon as it came into our area in a small town in Oklahoma, I was setting up a website for my bears and received orders from all over the world. I used to sell my bears to stores that would carry them, and take them to craft shows. But it’s sooooo much easier updating photos on my website and showing what’s now available there!

Okay, I’m off to write some more on the story. I’ve been filling in the gaps, places where I stopped and went to a scene further in the story because that had come to me next. For me, writing all my scenes in order can mean not writing scenes–just getting stuck. So it’s better to jump ahead in the story, then come back later to fill in the transition scenes.

I’m off to write! Have a happy day!!!


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