Violent Storms…Needed the Rain

Red-breasted grosbeak and white-winged dove and storms.

I spent the morning picking up tree branches in the yard, but nothing was damaged. Most were dead branches from neighbors’ trees. But lightning, thunder, kept me off the internet. I worked on my laptop, had it disconnected from the electricity. The storm would stop and start again. Stop, and start.

We so needed the rain, so that was a good thing. The puppies were in bed most of the day, had a time taking them out in the rain. They haven’t seen it for a while!

Made goal, 10K to go. Also finished Patriotic Patrick Bear and getting him ready to ship!

My books in Sydney and Patriotic Patrick ready to ship!

And a fan spotted my books in Sydney!

Back to the book! We may have storms at the end of the week, but this one was really crazy…coming, not coming, pouring, thundering, stopped like it had gone away, and then would start up again, over and over. We had flood watches, but luckily no tornado watches.

Off to write! Have a beautiful day!


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