Need a Do-Over Day?

Games are great to play because if you make a terrible play, you can just restore an earlier game. Yesterday was one of those days that I felt I had fallen out of bed on the wrong side. Everything that could go wrong, did. And then, last night, same thing.

But you know what? I persisted. Didn’t help, but I kept going and didn’t give up.

Garlic growing in the fridge planted in the planter, bunny ears flower, pouring rain with another wild thunderstorm, Heart of the Wolf in audiobook! and Billionaire Wolf for Christmas–coming October.

This morning, I hadn’t set the alarm because I ALWAYS get up early. I wrote that my characters woke late. Well guess what? I woke later. 5:45 and I’m like, ack!!!!! I usually get up an hour earlier on baby day. So I was rushing around to get everything done that I usually do before she ends up here. And I made it!!! I soooo hope today isn’t another day that I feel I need a do-over!

Have a great one. Baby is here!


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