More Storms…Getting to the End

More storms, the garlic is growing leaps and bounds. Had another order for a Patriotic Patrick Bear. And the burgundy daylilies and apricot roses are blooming to profusion. When I first started growing them, they were small, beautiful, but not as showy as they all are now. It’s fun seeing them grow from baby plants to showy adults. I look at the mass of coneflowers out front and instead of 3 or 4, now I have about 10 blooms at once. Now, they’re noticeable.

Just like the book I’m working on. It’s nearly done! And I’m feeling great about it!

I managed to get some word count yesterday even though baby was here. She hadn’t slept well at home for the last couple of days and fought me to take naps. I took her for a walk and she fell asleep in the stroller. Score one for Grandma! Then I finally managed to get her to sleep for 3 hours in the afternoon. She would have slept longer if she hadn’t already drained her bottle. But I can’t get her to sleep anywhere but my lap (except for on a rare occasion in the stroller), and so I was able to work on the story on my laptop, situated next to me–makes it awkward, but I was glad to be able to get something done. I also finished the bear last night.

I think I have only 8,000 words left on SEAL Wolf Surrender. Maybe less.

It’s amazing to me when I start out with so little and end up with a book. Of course, it will be longer than that. That’s just the minimum word count and I always aim for that because I tend to write way too long otherwise. I also edit as I go along because things change in the story and I need to update. It’s also the way I keep from making the story toooo big. If I write to the end, then begin to edit, I have to flesh out scenes and the story grows and grows and grows. And, when I do finally finish the story, when I go back through to reread and edit, it’s not as much of a job because I’ve edited several times already. It also helps me to see where I’ve started threads and can expand on them, if I’m stuck moving forward. I know the “rule” is to write and write and write and don’t edit your book to death, but I can’t do it like that. My books were running 130-140K when I was doing that. lol

I’m not a plotter. I can’t plan out the story from beginning to end no matter how much I love the idea. It just doesn’t work for me. But I do begin to tie up loose ends near the end of the story. Wait, why was this guy introduced? Can I make him more important, or eliminate him? Wait, what happened to that situation? If I mentioned it, it has to be crucial to the story, make it so, or take it out. So right now, I’ve got to figure out the fantastic end. The end that makes readers feel satisfied and can’t wait for the next book!

I’m still trying to figure it out. Sometimes, if I try too hard, it won’t come. I just need to keep moving forward and then, at some point, the light bulb flickers on, and that’s it. Just the perfect ending!

Off to write! Have a great day. I think the storms have subsided for the time being, but they’ve been nice while they lasted!


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