Macro Shots in the Garden

Coneflower, yellow esperanza, coleus, lavender lantana, pink zinnia

I haven’t played with macro shots in a while, so thought it would be fun to give it a try!

I’m only 3,000 away from word count goal on SEAL Wolf Surrender. Annoyed with myself that I couldn’t just at least write the last 3,000, just for the minimum goal, but the story isn’t coming to me. Baby is here soon, so then the story REALLY won’t be coming to me. lol

I need to make the bad guys’ presence known early on. One is from the very beginning, so that’s good. I’ve been watching Cold Case Files, interested in seeing procedures on criminal cases, because I write romantic suspense, and the guys they’re after are criminals.

My villains are often shifters, so they take care of their own. Sending a shifter to jail when the world doesn’t know about them, won’t work. It’s fun creating a fantasy world within the real world (cougar shifters, wolf shifters, jaguar shifters, bear shifters, snow leopard shifters), though sometimes it’s just easier creating a whole fantasy world, where the characters visit the real world (as in my fae series).

All right, off to play with baby! Have a wonderful TGIF!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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