Max and the Squirrel

Could be a book title, don’t you think? lol

Anyway, Max is in hunting mode. The squirrel is in taunting mode. Of my two havanese, Max is the real hunter. Tanner will give chase, but he is easily bored. Max–he’ll wait, and wait, and wait. As you can see he went from jumping mode to sitting, but all his concentration is on the squirrel no matter what his posture. He finally jumped at the tree to make the squirrel run back up it and then turned to me and joined me as if to say he showed the squirrel and he’s done with the game.

Life is a story.

I finished another panda bear! Need to take a picture of it and ship it off this morning. Picked up an order for a Munro Clan Bear. Still trying to figure out how to start Silver Town Wolf Christmas….what the issues are, etc!

Still fighting this awful cold too…. Yesterday, I felt so miserable, I just couldn’t get into anything. Then finally I was feeling a little better and was able to finish the one panda, work on the other, but still have a ways to go on it.

Have a great day!!!


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