More Teddy Bears and Zinnia!

More bears finished! The Butterscotch Bear with the white paws is sold. Most likely one with the suede paws also, and the white bear. I still have four more bears I’m working on. I was missing ears for another Butterscotch Bear so he was delayed. Otherwise he’s done. And I’m still finishing a panda and another white bear. Plus, I picked up a pretty Pink Cotton Candy Bear fabric the other day, so I’m making it. Brand new fur.

Baby did sleep for two hours twice yesterday. Yay! So I managed to do a little sewing for one of the hours.

Also pictured: Giant zinnia in three colors, and pretty pom-pom coral zinnia. I have to go out and check out the beauty of the flowers while they are still beautiful! Despite the humid heat.

And…I’m still mulling over the new book. I’m getting closer to an idea. Some writers are fortunate to have dreams where their stories are revealed. Me? I have bizarre nightmares that make me think I’m on illegal psychotropic drugs.

I’m off to a dental appointment. ugh.

Have a wonderful day!!!


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