More Bears and Characters are Playing out Their Scenes without You!

I missed my blog yesterday! I kept meaning to do it, but you know some days you’ve just got to get a million things done, and you call a place, are put on hold (forever), leave messages for another that never get answered, have to run errands and time is running out, and somehow in all that, I forgot to get the blog done first thing.

So today, first thing on the schedule, blog, and WordPress won’t upload the page. *sigh*

I have two angel bears I’m working on. One’s sold. Purplelicious–have two of those. One sold. Butterscotch is an order, and Pink Powder Puff bear (brand new fabric) is available.

Okay, I’m off to write. I began Silver Town Wolf Christmas, and today I have to get back to my word count goals. I’ll be finishing up one of the Purplelicious bears for an order, a panda and a Celtic Clan Bear are nearly done, and I’m nearly finished with another angel bear. See???? A little (a lot, who is she kidding???) of perseverance and WORK and it gets done!

I just had another order for a wizard bear too.

The same goes for writing!!! It doesn’t get done unless…hold that thought! The characters are playing out their own scene without me again.

Talk later! Have a super wonderful weekend!!!


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