Bears and Writing on the Move

All three Santa Bars and the Little Drummer Bear are going to their new homes on Monday!

Today, I’ll be finishing up Celeste Angel Bear, just finished a Purplelicious, and need to make two Santa bags filled with toys for the Santa Bears and then I’m sending them all off on Monday.

I have to deal with the IRS on Monday too. That’s the result of moving three years ago. They have to make sure I am who I am. A total pain for me, but it’s a safeguard too.

And, woohoo, I’m 2,000 into the story!!!! I started out with a murder victim, but my editor always gets after me for having a high body count in a Christmas story. So, *sigh*, I changed it so the person is just unconscious. It works, gives more drama to the story really. Then I thought I needed to change it to the heroine’s pov before she learns the ex-boyfriend has been attacked. New boyfriend is the sheriff and he learns the injured guy is the ex-boyfriend. Now, wolves are territorial, so this isn’t going to sit well with him. There will be a body count. I can’t help it. I write mystery, romantic suspense, and bodies just end up happening.

But you see, the beginning is never the beginning. And probably, as I learn more about the characters and the issues at hand, it will change again. No problem! Whatever makes for the best story is how it has to be.

Now that I’ve gotten back into the regimen for writing 2,000 words a day, there’s no slacking off!

I still have the head cold, but I took the shingles vaccine, 2nd shot, since it’s nearly six months that I took the initial. I was getting over strep throat that time–the problem with taking care of my grandbaby, who picks up everything. Anyway, this vaccine makes my muscles ache and I feel like I have the flu. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass. If you get the vaccine, be sure to get Shingrix, the latest version that has a much higher protection rate. The pharmacist told me that she had the older version and she’s had shingles twice. Others have told me the same. Her brother, who works for the CDC, said that she really needed to get the new one. My clinic only gives out the old version still, so if you get it, be sure you get the newer version. I had to go to my grocery store to get the new one, but you can get them at drugstores, Walmart and some grocery store pharmacies. Supposedly, there’s a shortage of it, but not at my grocery store. Probably, people don’t know it’s available there.

The effects of the vaccine and the hanging-on cold are not stopping me from getting a lot done, though I sort of vegetated for half a day yesterday after I got my word count because I had absolutely no energy and ached all over! But the rest of the afternoon, I worked on bear orders.

Okay, I’m off to work on word count!! Have a wonderful day!!!!


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