Best Laid Plans…

These little bears are off to their new homes today.

I’m shipping 8 bears now, and I have to jump on my writing as soon as I get home because my daughter asked if I’d pick up the baby at daycare as she won’t be getting out in time from work.  Sooo, it’s already been a really hectic day after spending an hour on the phone with the IRS.

The babysitting is unscheduled, which means this afternoon I won’t get anything done.

I’ve been doing better at writing first thing in the morning and then working on bears. I have 4,000 words on the story and counting. My dad always said to get your work done first before you play (for us, that meant schoolwork), and it really is a good work ethic. I feel better doing the writing first, and then if I have time, I’ll get back to writing. I haven’t had time with all the bear orders though! But once they slow down, I’ll have time to write more in the afternoon.

Off to ship bears!! Have a fun-filled day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…

  1. Have a good day my Lady
    your Dad was right !
    see what I mean ?
    back to play with your Bears and Princess Fairy ♥

    • He was!! It’s the best way to get the job done. I’m working on word count now and look forward to playing with the princess fairy. 🙂 <3

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