Wolves and Snow Leopards

I love both. And I was very fortunate to get beautiful shots of each of these. The 2-year old emergent Arctic wolf alpha at the International Wolf Center, Ely, MN, and the snow leopard, Como Zoo, MN.

I’m working on Cougar Magic now, and I rarely capture good pictures of cougars in captivity, so I don’t have many to show. Of course one of my troubles has been that I didn’t know to change my ISO to capture faster moving critters back then. Most of the ones I saw were on the move. A few were resting so far up in the rocks, it was hard to capture good images. But maybe someday. And we couldn’t see the one at the Como Zoo at all. Exhibit, no cat.

Despite having baby for all day, and then again from 6:45 pm until 10:30 pm, I managed somehow to wrangle another 3,000 words out. I usually can’t. Shows that if I put my mind to it, AND the scenes are coming to me, I can do it. I have to say baby is very needy, wanting attention, or to be held when she’s getting sleepy, that it’s not like she’s at the age where she can sit and draw or something. But she did take 4 hours worth of naps, and I managed to get her to sleep by 8 pm last night, so I had another 2 1/2 hours to write.

Speaking of which, I’m on a forward momentum now, so off to get some more word count down. I’m at 16,000! So I’ve bypassed the number of 15,000 on Claiming the White Bear. I got stuck there, but I’ll do some brainstorming and push through that one too soon. I need to write my next fae book too and I want to finish one of the other YA vampire stories I’ve started. Not sure what my word count is on them, but they’re in the plans. And then I need to figure out what I want to write for the next wolf stories for 2020. It’s neverending, and what fun!

Have a great day!!!!! I’m excited to be running around in the cougar world creating mischief. They are in so much trouble.  Let’s see if they can get out of it on their own…

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