Biology 101 for Baby

I always take baby out for some time with the flowers and let her touch them, but we also saw a monarch butterfly on the milkweed, and a skipper, and two baby Carolina anoles. I wore her out, which is great, but she also wore me out!

Finished revising Silver Wolves Making Spirits Bright last night and handed it back to my first beta reader and today I am back to Cougar Magic. Though I do still need to get the dog food! And we’re having all these beautiful storms and NO rain. ugh.

Have a wonderful day!

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2 thoughts on “Biology 101 for Baby

  1. Great day to you too my Lady,
    Beautiful Flower -Princess Fairy , awesome colors ♥
    she will have the most knowledge between her peers at school,
    and so lucky so much of that learning has come through grandma’s

    • Thanks, Lola, she loves seeing everything out of doors. 🙂 we have doing it. She’s very tactile and loves touching different textures.

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