More Edits…Sleeping Monarchs and Fall

Captured the fall colors on a neighbor’s tree, really pretty, and sleeping monarch butterflies.

I wrote only 1600 words yesterday, though I probably made 2000 from the words I wrote after I went to bed. Some, I wrote while I was at the medical clinic. Have to have blood drawn, routine, but that meant an hour’s wait sitting in the waiting room and I always take a notebook with me to write on. So I was working on both The Witch and the Jaguar and Woodland Fae yesterday. But then last night I received final proofing for SEAL Wolf Surrender! So I need to get to work on it. She needs it back in a week.

See why I haven’t been doing NaNoWriMo in November for many years though I joined many, many years ago? I’ve had 3 books I needed to edit for my publisher. One of them isn’t due until Feb, but I’ll get it done in the next couple of weeks. It’s hard reading one story and then jumping into another and then back to another, and then off to another. So I usually just work on one straight through to finish it. UNLESS I have scenes for another book that just pop up. Or I’m on a roll on a book and then I just stick with it.

Anyway, I need to walk to the voting place today as soon as it’s open, and pick up my conked out sewing machine, it’s fixed! And edit and try to get some word count today too. It’s 76 out already and 99% humidity. ugh It won’t cool off until Thursday, looking forward to it!

Have a super day!!


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