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Kids’ bikes and scooters at the school–glad to see so many kids getting some exercise. A pale yellow clouded butterfly on my neighbor’s tropical hibiscus. They usually fly so fast and move so much, it’s hard to capture them. This one loved this hibiscus. I put in some that are winter hardy, so we’ll see if it can withstand my heat, but his hibiscus die sometimes, so I wanted something that would survive the extremes. A honeybee on milkweed. The honeybees have been in droves all over the flowers and I’ve seen one of those black bumblebees too. I hope I captured a good picture of it. And a caterpillar on one milkweed leaf, monarchs on milkweed flowers. Everyone is getting their food before the cold weather hits. We have 89 degree heat index today. Doesn’t seem possible in November. But by Friday, the temps are 46-57. We’ll be freezing!

Okay, baby is coming. I only got 700 words written yesterday, but I was busy into edits on SEAL Wolf Surrender. I went through the whole manuscript yesterday, just going over changes, but then started reading the whole book through to make sure the changes worked. So I’m only on ch 6.

Baby came early, so she’s having breakfast and watching Calico Critters, and I’m off to work on reading SEAL while I can.  We’re supposed to have rain all afternoon so as soon as it’s light out, we’re going for a long walk.

Have a super, great day!!!


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