Reflections in the Pond

On baby’s and my walk, I captured some pictures of our hot, muggy, Texas fall. And I realized there was a turtle near us. It was so muggy my lens kept fogging up (100% humidity) and then he hurried to get in the water and hide from us so the picture isn’t as clear as I’d hoped it to be. They are really shy around humans still. And I was able to show baby tons of very hungry caterpillars on the milkweed leaves, a carolina anole, the cocoon for the monarch butterfly, butterflies, honeybees, and bumblebees. So we had a science day.

Some days it’s impossible to get word count. Yesterday, it was just not possible. I was trying to finish edits when I could while baby was here. I managed 11 chapters, and still have 7 more to read through today. So I should get it done today, then back to word count on another story. I want to be able to turn in SEAL Wolf Surrender today.

We had stormy weather last night, lightning constantly. It poured, but things don’t look that wet out, too dark to really see. Our low is 65, our high 69. So much better than the heat index of 94 yesterday.

Okay, I’m off to finish SEAL…. hope you have a wondrous day!


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