Flowers Blooming Before Christmas & Woodland Fae is Out!

I noticed gerbera daisies blooming the day baby was here so ran out to take some pictures yesterday. The droplets of water on them are from the heavy fog we had.

Lavender lantana, gerbera daisy, yellow daylily, dianthus next to the Christmas lights, and another daisy.

The flowers don’t know it’s winter and time for them to sleep.

Baby’s here for one more day before my daughter has school break and then Grandma gets a break! Or…well, more time to write and edit.

And just released!!!

Woodland Fae.png

Woodland Fae

Letta is a scorpion fae, pretending to be a woodland fae, since her own kind had practically annihilated their own. She’s come of age and must leave her kind behind to make her way in the world. Taking refuge in a cave during a storm in wolf fae territory, she’s attacked by a wolf shifter fae and saves another’s life, who happens to be the pack leader’s sister. But now Letta has a new problem. The bite she’d received turns her into a wolf shifter also, but will the wolf fae pack accept her or scorn her for being one of the deadly scorpion fae if they learn the truth?

Simon is the pack leader for the Wolf Mountain pack and he’s unsure what kind of fae Letta is, not having heard of a woodland fae before. Yet he’s attracted to Letta like he’s never been to a she-wolf before. That causes dissent among some of his wolves who believe another wolf should be his mate and he must prove to his pack that he has what it takes to lead.



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I’m still waiting on the link for Barnes and Noble, and I’m working on the print version and still writing Claiming the White Bear. But baby will be here momentarily, so I’ll have to put off all of this until later.

Have a lovely day!!!


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