What Do You Really See?

I took the fish picture at an aquarium in Omaha. It’s amazing what you can find in a fishy world when you’re really looking! I have mermaids and mermen in my World of Elves series and in my Magic of Inherian series.

I’ve been removing Christmas lights and putting away all the Christmas decorations, so running late on everything!

Hope your day is fantastically great! I’ve got to get back to the book! Oh, wait, tonight is New Year’s Eve. Are you having fun?

I’m writing and later, I’ll play some more of Hero U: Rogue to Redemption. I do much better as a paladin, a warrior, even a ranger. I’ve already stacked up 40 demerits. At 100, I get kicked out of school. Let me explain, though. You have to wear the school uniform, but I can’t afford the school uniform. Which means I have to sneak by the mean guy all the time, and sometimes I manage, and sometimes, I get caught. Besides the random: giving demerits for stuff I have no control over. Aww, come on. You’d think he hoped I flunked out. Well, he does. At least I passed my first two rogue tests. (I had to start over because I failed them both the first time around and I had 65 demerits. lol)

The game is like the old Hero’s Quest games, so it’s fun. But addictive. I’m only going to play for an hour. Only. An. Hour. I have a book to write.

Right. Then I’m back at it. Okay, have a great day!!! Before it’s all gone!! And Happy New Year!!!


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2 thoughts on “What Do You Really See?

  1. I generally do not play games, but if I did I would surely excel at that one if getting demerits makes a winner. I doubt that is the case tho. On another note, can you not just say “Alexa, put away the decorations!”? Isn’t technology fun? I have been telling it to clean the house for some time now. I guess she’s busy. LOL

    • lol, you are too funny! Where is Alexa when I need her? I can’t get my Christmas tree apart, so I had to ask the kids to come over and help me. It takes two people to pull the two biggest parts of the tree apart. I can put the 3 pieces together, but just can never get the other two pieces apart. I thought of trying to train my dogs to pull, but I think they’re too little. 🙂

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