Winter Flowers Blooming!

Okay, not really. These are summer flowers still blooming! Whoever heard of a sunflower coming out in winter? And the marigolds are just as vibrant. In fact, even the milkweed are regrowing their leaves. But they will get a rude shock soon. The temps are dropping to freezing, but then up again in the 60’s. Even the honeybees were back, all over the roses yesterday, and I’ve seen more monarch butterflies and one of the yellow ones!

I’m still working on edits on Claiming the White Bear before I finish writing scenes. Moving a couple situations earlier in the story really made a mess. But I think I’ve about got it all sorted out.

Off to write! Have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “Winter Flowers Blooming!

  1. Texas weather can be boring in summer if you don’t like the long, hot days (those are my favourite). But the rest of the year is unpredictable. Temperatures go everywhere so fast! I have gone shopping on a warm, sunshiny day wearing shorts, only to come out of a store to cold wind and rain. And that is not unusual, we just get used to it. Sometimes it surprises even the native plants that think spring has arrived. I try to leave an old jacket in the car just in case. LOL

    • I so agree! I need to do that! I try to watch the weather channel, but sometimes I forget and get a rude shock when I take the dogs out–either hot or cold. lol

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