Claiming the White Bear is Out!

Christmas background with stars and snowy fir trees

A Romeo-Juliet type family feud, polar bear style, tore them apart; can they find true love again?

It’s nearly Christmas, no tours on the schedule for Edward MacMathan and his brother and so they’re working in their uncle and aunt’s tavern when the love of Edward’s life returns with two young boys in tow, and they look a lot like him when he and Rob were that age. Robyn Conibear is in trouble and she’s fled her deceased mate’s sleuth to keep his parents from taking custody of her and Edward’s sons.

Can she and Edward renew the love they had for each other despite the six years that have passed? Or will her return only cause more grief between her family and his as the hostilities renew?

But Edward is the boys’ true father and she wants to be with him no matter what. Likewise, Edward is determined to protect her and the boys, both from her former mate’s sleuth and her own, and take up where the two of them had left off.

Kobo isn’t up yet. They’re having issues on their site with uploading new covers. As soon as it’s resolved, I’ll be uploading it. I’m working on the formatting for print and have to create the cover for print, but I also had to get started on the Wolff Brother story, 2,000 words a day, or I won’t meet my deadline.

And we had a violent storm last night, high winds, still having high winds this morning, and the neighbor behind me had tree limbs split off from his tree that were tossed through the wind onto my patio, knocking over one of my plants, breaking one of my favorite garden fairies (my mother had given me) and so at 4 this morning I was rescuing my pot of chives. It’s still a mess. I’ll have to try and sweep off the dirt when it’s light out and ask my neighbor to help cut up the tree limbs. It was 62 this morning, but the temp is dropping 20 degrees and I can feel the change already just within the hour. Okay, I’m off to write and then format.

Hoping the storms that are hitting all over don’t affect you adversely! I know up north a lot of schools are out.

Have a super weekend!!! I’ll be back!


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