Wolf Moon Tonight!

Blood Moon, Luna Eclipse, Wolf Moon–that’s tonight and I’ve got to try and capture it if I can. I took these last night before the sun set. In the one picture, I was shooting through the tree branches, trying to capture the airliner as it was flying by the moon before it was gone! Then when it was gone, I moved over to get a clearer shot of the moon.

So I began work in earnest on the Wolff brother story, still need to come up with a title. I finally figured out her occupation, which means lots of research. I spent most of yesterday searching for information. It’s a new idea! Fresh idea! For me! And that’s what’s so important to me, to make every story new and different in some way. I think I might have about 80 books out now and so coming up with something nice and original can be a challenge. I had to do some research into her former occupation, and the way that the guy “died” that she is investigating–so lots and lots of new things to learn. I have 10 sites open, and my computer is running like a snail on sleeping pills. Even though I’m up way before dawn, it’s taken me this long just to be able to open my blog page.

A million scenarios are going through my mind, now that I kinda know where I’m headed, but that means more research and more research, and man, is the world of crime fascinating. lol But also, researching about rescues, and all kinds of interesting stuff. Even the layout of a ski lodge to use for describing the one in my story. One thing about writing stories for me, I get to learn all kinds of things all the time. All new to me.

I just hope no one ever searches my browsing history. It appears that I’m getting ready to commit a crime! Tons of different kinds of crimes! If one doesn’t work, I’ll try another. Did I ever mention the hullabaloo that a couple caused in the writing community one time? They claimed they were writing stories and doing all this research for committing the crimes in their stories. And were arrested! Computers confiscated! Browser history used as evidence! Many writers who learned of it became paranoid, were outraged! BUT, then it came out that the couple were really engaged in criminal activities!

I may not be able to experience everything in real life that I write about, though I have skied and enjoyed visits to ski lodges (one of my favorite with the hot tubs outside and the snow surrounding them, the cliched St. Bernard sleeping by the fire inside, etc, etc.), and I’ve been to Colorado skiing (Telluride and Breckenridge) and visiting a number of times, to Vermont (Killington) skiing, Pennsylvania skiing, to New Mexico skiing, and not skiing, but visiting the ski lodge at Mt. Hood, Oregon, and swimming in a pool that was indoor/ outdoor, with the snow on the deck around the pool outside after a day of skiing in Colorado. Even skiing to our room. It’s fun to share the scenarios in books and hope that readers enjoy a new fun world too.

I haven’t been keeping up with my word count, 2,000 words a day, but playing catch up daily. I’m at nearly 4,000 words. Should be 6,000 by today. Hopefully, today I can catch up and stay caught up, now that I’ve done a bit of my research. But I also opened up my document to begin formatting the print version of Claiming the White Bear.

Hope you get a fun glimpse of the blood red wolf moon today!!!

Have a howling good day!


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2 thoughts on “Wolf Moon Tonight!

  1. Good morning Terry Beautiful MOON
    Hope you get The Wolf Moon.
    Sounds fun …any New knowledge is Exiting !
    have A GREAT DAY !

    • Thanks, Lola! It is! Donna and I are brainstorming names. It’s so hard to do–get a new name that works heroically. 🙂

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