Trying to Focus on Goals Again

I know I”m sick when I don’t blog, don’t take pictures, don’t pull up weeds, can’t remember if I’ve fed the dogs or not…Writing and other deadline goals? Are you kidding me? Now I have no voice, lost 4 lbs (which is a good thing, now if I could keep it off), fevers have subsided but woke up in a sweat this morning. And I’m coughing ALL NIGHT long. I need to sleep. I think there was one 3-hour stretch where I actually slept straight through before I started coughing again. I cough all day too. I’ll be so glad when I’m feeling better.

I had taken these pictures before I got sick when we had a couple of days hard freeze, but guess what? I’d done everything I could to weatherproof stuff and totally forgot about turning off the water fountain. Thankfully, it’s running fine and it’s been warm ever since. The birds, squirrels, and yes, my dogs, drink from it, so it’s important they have the water to drink from.

Despite being so under the weather, I finally made up the bear for the order on Friday, embroidered the paws last night, struggling to stay awake until they were done, and got some more of my tax stuff together Friday night and spent all day yesterday finding all the stuff, doing the excel sheets, to turn in to the CPA. I used to do my taxes on my own, but I couldn’t keep up with tax laws and I was paying more than I should have. So it was well worth having a CPA do them. I still need to make a sash and bonnet for the bear–it’s a bigger bear, so I’ll have to create a new pattern for it, and turn in my paperwork to the CPA hopefully on Monday.

To top it all off, my editor wanted me to look at her suggestions for a change on the novella. I really couldn’t think when she sent it to me Friday, I think, and told her I’d try to get it back to her this weekend. So today, I want to get that done and the bear done, and them Monday, hopefully I’ll be back on track for Wolff Brother. I told you being sick really doesn’t work with my schedule!

But with no more fevers, I’m hoping I’m on the road to recovery! If I can get some uninterrupted sleep. And I feel great about the taxes and finishing the bear hopefully today too. I’ve been totally stressed over all of it, knowing that time is drawing short for everything. I have to turn in Wolff Brothers in just 20 days . I’m nearly at word count, but need to do a lot more work on it.

I’m off to check out the novella and hope you are having a sick-less day!


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4 thoughts on “Trying to Focus on Goals Again

  1. Good morning my Lady, hope this Monday morning you are feeling Better.
    No baby today, you need a couple of days to recover.
    Siesta /nap are good… even if you are writing if your eyes are half closed safe your work and lay down sometimes a 20 or 30 minutes napa can help your body come back to normal.

    • Yes, no baby. They have spring break, so her momma is off with her. She called me this morning, coming home from a hearing test for Keira. I was supposed to go with her, but when I was running a high temp last night, I cancelled. But then she realized the appt was really early, so it worked out for the best. Anyway, I have NO voice, so I was trying to talk to her on her Bluetooth and she asked if she’d woken me up. Uhm, no, laryngitis. Yes, I’ve been forcing myself to take daily naps, though I cough most of the time, I think I’m getting about 20 mins of actual sleep. Soooo tired. Hate this.

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