Finished Bear! No Work on Novella-to my dismay

I finished the bear. Yay!

Clan MacLean

And I went to do the novella changes yesterday so I could focus on Wolff brother today, but can’t open my editor’s file. We have this problem all the time, but I was so sick when she contacted me, I didn’t even think to try and open the file. Ugh. Or else I would have done that. So until I get a file I can open, it’s not done.

My fever returned last night, much higher. I was reading that you feel worse at night–that fevers return, which are raising your temps to kill off the germs. I’d prefer not to get antibiotics if I don’t have to because your germs can become resistant to the antibiotics. I’m dead tired this morning because of all the coughing last night, and I’m continuing with the coughing today. So do I go in to see a doctor? Expose others with what I have and others expose me with what they’re in for? Or just figure it’s running it’s course and will be over within its own good time?

Sunflower from Birdseed

Usually, I’d say I’d rather write. But I’m so tired….I can’t think straight. Time is of an essence though. One day goes by, and then another, and then all of a sudden, it’s time to turn in the book. So, tired or not, I’ve got to write. It’s not like I haven’t been thinking about it either. A scene keeps playing out in my mind, so today, I’ll figure out where it needs to go and write it.

I think I’ll tough it out for another day, no doctor. If the fever returneth tonight, I’ll see how I feel in the morning. Sound like a plan?

Max is sitting on my lap, his head over my left typing arm. Wait. You did not just go to sleep on my arm, sitting up, Max, did you?

They are concerned about me being sick. They are such good little dogs. They are goofy too. I feed them breakfast right away or they will perish first thing in the morning. Really. That’s what they tell me. But when I eat breakfast, maybe 3 hours later, they want to eat again too–lunch. No, it’s not lunch time. But if I eat, it means it’s lunch time.

Then later, I will eat lunch, and they really do have to be fed. Dinner is no problem. Only I get it. It’s just the issue of breakfast and lunch that confuses them.

Okay, off to think about writing as I’m coughing my head off. Hope you are in a sick-free zone this week! Have a great one!


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4 thoughts on “Finished Bear! No Work on Novella-to my dismay

  1. I think you Need to go to the Dr. if you don’t have a lower face mask they should have to have some as you enter the clinic, at least that is what we found as you enter the clinics here.
    Take care. Waving sending you love.

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