Granddaughter’s on her way and I’m sort of running this morning. Had to shut the computer down to get my internet to work.

These are a pretty purplish daylily that are having a field day! And the other is a watercolor version of them.

I’m WAY behind on word count on Billionaire because of having to edit the other book and write the novella, sooooo, I have to get cracking. 30,000 done, 50,000+ to go, and it’s due July 1st. At 2,000 a day on days I don’t have my granddaughter, it’s going to be tight, again. Next book, I’ll finally have more time. I hope. In July, I have another release, and that means more promo, and I haven’t even worked on the promo for the book releasing this month. Ugh.

Have a super, lovely day. I think I hear my granddaughter at the door!


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