Kate and Leyton Hill from Taming the Wild Cougar

On and off, I was playing around with a family tree for one of my character families. I’m going to try and make one for each of the cougar shifters because I have fans that play their characters in a FB group. How cool is that?

I had Keira here yesterday, so I was taking her for a walk, she was actually walking the whole way, needed to wear her out, and then we went shopping, and she feel asleep for 2 1/2 hours, and then we played in the sprinkler and Grandmomma got as wet as the toddler, only I wasn’t wearing a bathing suit, and then she played in the wading pool. And her momma was late picking her up, so I only managed about 600 words on the book. *sigh* I was trying for a 1,000 at least.

So when I went to blog this morning, I had to mention a pet peeve I’ve mine: changing something that’s not broken. So WordPress has changed something that forces me to take another step. I used to just select one thing and write my blog. Now I have to go to Write and then select which WordPress site I want to write on. If I wanted to write on one of the others, I would have opened up those sites. Another step doesn’t sound like much, but when I’ve got an active toddler here, or piranha dogs, yes, my little fluff balls are like piranhas, then it takes away from what I should be doing….uhm, writing, catching up, not catching up. Not only that, but look at all the time I wasted talking about my pet peeve?

I just had to get that off my chest. Now I can go on with my life.

Did I mention that a woman nearly pulled out in front of me at the grocery store and would have caused a car wreck?

She was stopped at the stop sign. I was watching her. I thought she wasn’t going anywhere.

She. Was. Stopped.

But she looked right and then saw no cars were coming, she pulled out.

Right. In. Front. Of. Me.

I was going really slow, parking lot, but I still had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting her because I wasn’t stopping. Because I wasn’t supposed to. I expected her to look left, to see me, like any good driver would do. But she didn’t. She just pulled out, and at that point, I was only inches from her!

I hit my horn, which was a lame thing to do because she was already in my way and not stopping. She looked at me like she just couldn’t believe a car was inches from her passenger door. Like, how did I suddenly materialize next to her car?


Look BOTH ways, lady! Cars drive BOTH ways. The good thing was I didn’t hit her. And the second good thing was it was a valuable reminder to her to look both ways, because if I’d been like some of the drivers in parking lots, I would have been driving faster and hit her. Well, yes, of course, if I’d been speeding through the parking lot, I might have passed her before she pulled out, but who knows, right?

Okay, got that off my chest. Now I’m free to write. lol!

Have a lovely, accident-free day!!!!


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