I Feel Like This…

in this cold, cold weather.

Added 2,000 more to the vampire story yesterday. This morning I’m just trying to get warm, though I need to take out the garbage and the dogs. Yesterday, we had heavy frost on everything and the roofs made it look like it had snowed.

In other news: you just never know where a story idea might come from. I was reading an article about reversing aging by adding certain chemicals to cells. Now, just think of the repercussions of that! Even very old people can rejuvenate their bodies through this process. Not just stop aging, but reverse it! Sounds like science fiction.

Can you imagine all the businesses that would be put out of business? All the new startup businesses that would evolve? Some that would be illegal, trying to sell a product that would be dangerous to users? Or cheaper because the procedure is too expensive? Facelifts are out. Forget the cosmetics that claim rejuvenating ingredients.

Chemical salons would start up and people could sit in the salon chairs to get their chemical treatments and watch their wrinkled skin tighten and become ageless.

But what if you get addicted to it? Like some are to plastic surgery? What if one treatment every year isn’t enough? What if…you went too far. Or it affected people differently. One rejuvenated the right amount, and another became a juvenile.

For the condition in children where they age rapidly, this might be a good way for them to aid them in slowing down or even reversing the process. For the rest of us? Hmmm, could I remember more? Write faster? Have a few more years to finish the millions of books I have on my computer and in my head before I die?

What do you think? Are you ready to try it?


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