Back to the Saharan Desert & Photo Art

We have an extreme danger heat index today, and it will even be hotter tomorrow, so it will feel more like the desert, except for the high humidity.

I wrote another 3,000 words yesterday on the Highland wolf novella, but still need to write one more major scene and will be doing some edits today, or tomorrow. Little one will be here momentarily and that will put a crimp in writing and editing. But we’ll have fun. I got her some sight reading cards, so we’re going to start working on those. We were working on beginning reading books also.

A black bear and his very long tongue. A blue jay on the feeder.

Have a great day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Back to the Saharan Desert & Photo Art

    • Hi. Lola, yes, we had a pool day. Wished she’d wanted to stay in longer, but we had fun. 🙂 We’re doing flash cards, puzzles, reading books, and trying to stay cool. lol

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