Electricity was out first thing this morning, but thankfully I had heated my water for tea already and it’s much colder outside today, so I was outside trying to put that garden bed together. Problem. I need another pair of hands for the bottom bolts. Before, I could flip it upside down, and do the bottom ones. Now with putting ends on, there’s no flipping it any longer. *sigh*

Okay, so I had an idea for Highlander, but it’s getting too complicated for a fun Highland romance. I always have mystery and intrigue, suspense, but I just need to start this differently. I’m not giving up on my original idea because it’s much more different than I’ve ever done and with over 100 books written, I always need to come up with something new. So I need to go back to thinking mode.

And I need to put the rest of the garden bed together. Taking a rest. It’s cold out there and I still have this head cold.

Have a beautiful day!! I’ve got to get to writing!


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