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A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words, and Yet…

A picture can inspire a million stories.

I took this picture yesterday, inspired by what others have done with water, that I can’t seem to do. But, I loved what I captured anyway, so this is one of the images I caught.

The Original

The Original–only resized, but otherwise just like I caught it.  Rich, opulent, a royal’s golden water because only the royals would have golden water spilling from the tap.

But I wanted to see what would happen if I played with the colors a bit. How different would the story be then.


Brass–darker, more mysterious, Aladdin’s lamp


Olive–a Druid’s home, connected with all things green


Silver–rich, a werewolf’s nightmare (It’s nearly Halloween, right? So I get to keep up with the whole spooky thing)

Black and White

Black and White–a chess game, either…or, life or death


Copper–or plum, a touch of whimsical

So you see, a picture can turn into all kinds of different stories by changing the color a bit and changing the mood a lot. The same with writing scenes. I was trying to decide on the perfect bedroom for a hot, alpha jaguar male. I looked up male bedrooms and they had a lot of purple featured. Not like dark purple, a royal color, the color only allowed to be worn by the royals. But more soft purple that I would think perfect for a young girl’s room.

A friend sent me a link that was perfect. Black and white, touches of red, but the best? A zebra rug. Now, as he’s a jaguar, he wouldn’t be hunting zebra in South America, but he is a hunter, and a zebra rug was perfect.

So which of these pictures would inspire you? Which do you like the best? Which would feed into your fantasy?

I’m off to write, so behave yourselves and still manage to have a wonderful TGIF!  🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Color and Uncolor

flags2 (427x640)

Color and Uncolor

flags1 (427x640)

Oh, I know, some will say there is no such word as uncolor, but I couldn’t call this a black and white photo because it has a hint if blue, that I think makes it even more interesting, don’t you?

And uncolor isn’t exactly right because aren’t black and white and blue colors?

Maybe I should call them by moods. The first is spring in a cloudy, stormy, burgeoning colorful sort of way–as the trees are beginning to leaf out and the flowers are blossoming, and the white clouds and blue sky are ever present in the unsettled weather of the season.

The second is the darker side of spring–the threatening thunderstorms, winds, and hails.

And so there you have it. Life-giving Spring and Moody, Threatening Spring in all its wonder.

Maybe you wonder why I’m philosophizing so much about…stuff.

I’m stuck on my manuscript.  And I’m not going to let it get away with it.

So I will see interesting things in other stuff until I can burst forth and write scene after scene to hopefully delight everyone who reads them. Even so, I’m at 33,000! 57,000 to go!

Have a lovely Thursday. I’m late! I’m late! The week is slipping away and so has my muse.

Off to capture it!