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Color and Uncolor

flags2 (427x640)

Color and Uncolor

flags1 (427x640)

Oh, I know, some will say there is no such word as uncolor, but I couldn’t call this a black and white photo because it has a hint if blue, that I think makes it even more interesting, don’t you?

And uncolor isn’t exactly right because aren’t black and white and blue colors?

Maybe I should call them by moods. The first is spring in a cloudy, stormy, burgeoning colorful sort of way–as the trees are beginning to leaf out and the flowers are blossoming, and the white clouds and blue sky are ever present in the unsettled weather of the season.

The second is the darker side of spring–the threatening thunderstorms, winds, and hails.

And so there you have it. Life-giving Spring and Moody, Threatening Spring in all its wonder.

Maybe you wonder why I’m philosophizing so much about…stuff.

I’m stuck on my manuscript.  And I’m not going to let it get away with it.

So I will see interesting things in other stuff until I can burst forth and write scene after scene to hopefully delight everyone who reads them. Even so, I’m at 33,000! 57,000 to go!

Have a lovely Thursday. I’m late! I’m late! The week is slipping away and so has my muse.

Off to capture it!



Black is Elegant and Dangerous


Black is–a black void in space, a black hole. An elegant statement in clothes–or a way of saying I’m mighty, watch out. Think of Swat teams wearing black. They did a test to see what colors were regarded more as having authority. Black has it.

It gives the feeling of emptiness or desolation. Black charred forests. A black ocean at night. A black moonless night.

Here is a black bear at the Omaha wildlife reserve and he could be rather menacing, but the brown bear that lives with him is no less menacing and lots larger!

Highland cow, black vibrant (800x705)

A black Highland cow with the fall colors of the river shining off his back. Shiny black can act as a mirror for images.

In the Dead of the Night

Romantic Suspense

In this cover, he was wearing a gray shirt, but he’s an undercover agent with a mission to protect, yeah, yeah, he’s sort of distracted at the moment, but see, he’s shielding her body in case the bad guys try to get her again and she looks kind of like she’s going to faint, so he really is helping her out. But he was wearing a gray shirt and it just didn’t work, so I darkened it to black.

And what she is wearing is black, and sexy.


I attended an FF&P Gothic Southern romance themed party, and so definitely time to wear black. 🙂


Not too many of my covers have black, but I liked this one for one of my young adult books.

Dragon Fae

Dragons love to hoard.

In Dragon Fae, Ena is a dragon shifter fae, but I loved this picture of a Goth-looking girl, who is looking at some of her treasure. Notice she even has black nails?

The Dark Fae

The World of Fae, Book 1, YA

The Dark Fae is nearly black, or some parts are on this cover. Black gives a dark appearance, unsettling, the unknown. It absorbs light and hides it away.

more storms 002 (2) (640x427)

A black storm front moving in, and the black bell below, black wrought iron fence.

Moon on a Texas Winter's Night

A glowing crescent moon on a black, black night.

Licorice is about the only kind of food I can think of that is black, unless I burn something!

The Black Death was a plague that killed an estimated 75-200 million people. The grim reaper wears black. The Phantom of the Opera. Vampires and their black capes. Funerals in the States–many wear black as a sign of mourning the dead. Can you imagine wearing bright orange or neon pink?

puppy with bowtie 029 (640x549)

And a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, bowtie and all, ready for the New Year!

wolf in shadow (800x534)

A black wolf in black shadow.

Black swans (800x533) rhinos and vultures (800x533)

Black swans a swimming, and black turkey vultures that mean death. No, these are not dead rhinos. Just sleeping. But the vultures are there, just in case.

Black works great as accessories, is dressy, and elegant. But then it has that darker side of it too.

Are you a fan of the color black?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

Feeling in the Pink?

It’s time to be happy, healthy and wise–it’s time for pink!

Pink is sweet and frilly and who takes pink seriously? When I was writing Dragon Fae, I write about what the fae wear sometimes that reflects on their personalities. Ena is a dragon shifter fae. She wears black, Goth like, because think about it. If she wore pink, who would see her as anything but sweet and innocent and all cotton candy?

When you think of the Pink Panther vs a Black Panther, what comes to mind? Clownish vs scary. Sure, if you came across the Pink Panther, you would probably smile. You see a black panther in the jungle, you’d definitely lose the smile.

My favorite pink is a dusty rose. There’s pale pink, to shocking pink and every shade in between. Here are some pink pictures to get you in the pink!

aboretum pink rose water droplets (640x529)

A double pink rose at the arboretum in between storm showers.

The World of Fae, Book 4, Young Adult

The World of Fae, Book 4, Young Adult

A shocking pink rose in contrast to the black in The Ancient Fae.

Orangutan with Cinnamon Toast Crunch (640x419)

A bright pink blankie for a bright orange female orangutan.

Zoo with coyotes barking 031 (427x640)

Pink flamingos of course!

Arboretum 135 (800x773)

A pretty pink blur behind the pretty pink flowers in macro.

Arboretum 011 (800x677)

A cluster of pink.

Moody Gardens orchids 3

Orchids in Moody Gardens Rainforest.

Pink sea creatures

Pink? Sea anemones?  Or urchins?

octopus (494x800)

An octopus!

Teddy Bears Christmas (533x800)

Pink multi-colored alpaca bear I made.

Bears 020

Pink mohair bear, and the pink symbol for breast cancer awareness.

storms 004 (640x540)

A stormy sky with a pink sunset above the wheat fields.


A pink bikini that says sweet, right?

He's looking for her with a man's passion but with a jaguar's stealth.

He’s looking for her with a man’s passion but with a jaguar’s stealth.

What better way to show off some pink!

There are pink dolphins in the Amazon River! And in Savage Hunger. And pink salmon and pink shrimp. Did you know that there are sharks that turn pink because they eat so many shrimp?

Forgot my pink poodle skirt bears–perfect for that 50’s look!

Hope you are having a healthy happy pink kind of day. If you’re a guy, do you wear pink? My dad wore a pink dress shirt with black trousers and a black suit coat and black tie. He looked very elegant when he and my mother went dancing. Of course his male friends teased him because all their wives said they wished their husbands were brave enough to wear the color. 🙂

I’m back to the jungle and pink sunsets!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

Yellow Equals the Sun

sunflower just right (640x427)

Like orange, yellow is a vibrant color, and warm, and soft. Here is a giant sunflower I took the picture of it. It lovingly reminds me of my dad who years ago planted the seeds and every year they pop up to fill my heart with joy and remember him by.

love (306x800)Sentiments of love go nicely on this yellow and striped wall, a photo I took when visiting a model home where my daughter and son-in-law bought a place.

Readers and Ritas conference John Wilson  002 copy (470x800)An antiqued backdrop of a castle and golden yellow hill and a Highlander ready to defend his castle, no?

stagecoach inn playground (800x593)A yellow stagecoach at the Stagecoach Inn for children to play on.

The Genie's Wish

a novella

A fun short novella about the Genie’s Wish with a yellow background.

koi colorful (800x533)

Yellow koi on a cloudy day.

tree in  house (800x663)

And a yellow house, that just makes you smile. Or maybe it’s the tree growing in the middle of it that does!


Arboretum 147 (800x642)

A yellow flower at the arboretum. And a voracious yellow bug. See the “artwork” he has done on the flowers?

Arboretum white flowers bug (800x786)

I think of sunshine, heat, warmth, and smiling, outgoing and adventurous. I think of yellow raincoats to stand out on a stormy gray day. Or fishermen back east in their slickers hauling in their catch.

Of course what is the most memorable yellow imagery that you can think of that is part of a famous piece of literature?

And I’m off to write up the new synopsis for A Hero of a Highland Wolf. The final with edits was turned in, but when I write the original synopsis for the books, I have no story written yet. So I have to kind of wing it. My characters often take off in a different direction, and so I always have to go back and rewrite the synopsis in a longer format. *sigh* They are always dreaded. Why? Because I should have written it when I finished the book. But nope, I’ve written nearly 3 since then! 🙂  Which means I can’t remember everything that went on in that story. LOL 🙂

Have a super Saturday!

Oh, wait, remember to tell me what the famous yellow imagery is. 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”