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Tinsel Bear & Another Giveaway!

Tinsel bear 001 (605x640)

Tinsel Bear

I made this for a requested bear order for a small bear, now have one for a large bear, but was excited to learn a new “sewing” technique. Creating an eyelet-decorated vest for the Steampunk Bears. I have 7 orders for them, so have been working on the bears and the vests.  So I got the eyelets, and the eyelet clamp to add them and read the directions and was clueless. Tried a number of things, and finally gave up and looked it up on Youtube for a video demonstration. Within seconds, I had my first eyelet-decorated vest. 🙂 <3

I do Google searches all the time to figure out how to do something that’s escaping me, so why not for something like that? And it worked! Love the Internet.

Anyway, there’s her eyelet-decorated vest. She still needs her hat and this bear is sold. 🙂 <3 Working on 7 more. They’re all a little different from one another and when I have them finished, I’ll show them off.

Steampunk Bear without her hat

Steampunk Bear without her hat

In the meantime, I’m working hard to read through the rest of A Silver Wolf Christmas. I’m having trouble with saving. I save and go back and find that my edited work HASN’T saved. And I’m having to revise sections I know I changed. So not sure what’s up with that.

And I have another bear to make that is a really unusual fur. A customer behind me at the fabric store asked me what I was going to do with that??? And I said, “Make a bear.” I think it will be cute, but I never know for sure until I actually create the bear. So far, I have only had a couple of “ugly” bears by taking a risk. The fur was curly and the fabric too stretchy. So it wouldn’t hold it’s shape when stuffing. I say they were ugly, but they actually turned out cute, but I gave them away as freebies.

So along with this fun getting ready to party with the celebration for our box set release, I’m giving away another ebook. This one is for a Highlander medieval book (not a wolf book, I don’t have ecopies of those). If you’ve only read my wolf books and would like to read a Highland medieval book, tell me why and a lucky winner will win a copy. I can only give a copy of Highland Rake, Taming the Wild Highlander, The Highlander or Her Highland Hero. The first two books: Winning the Highlander and The Accidental Highlander are in a box set, two for the price of one, and it’s with a publisher. So I can’t give copies of it away.

HighlandersBundle 500x750

Highlander Box Set–$3.99, Two Books for Price of One

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Terry Spear, comes the long-awaited bundle of her popular two-book Highlander romance series—Winning the Highlander’s Heart and The Accidental Highland Here.


Lady Anice vows to flee the amorous advances of King Henry I and return to her home in the Highlands where she hopes to find a laird to wed. She soon discovers her staff has vanished. Premonitions of imminent danger warn her of foul play, and she is certain she is cursed when it comes to marriage.

The king orders the Highlander Laird Malcolm MacNeill, who is seeking an English bride, to provide the lass safe escort and learn what has become of her staff. Escorting her home safely proves a dangerous trial in and of itself and Malcolm has difficulty keeping his heart out of the matter. When the king wishes Lady Anice be wed to one of his loyal barons, the issue is further complicated. Losing his heart to the lass means Malcolm could very well lose his head.


Lady Eilis Dunbarton’s life undergoes a drastic change with the death of her cousin, Agnes. Now she’s faced with the disagreeable prospect of marrying the man who was to be her cousin’s husband. Not by a change of contract, though. Instead, by deceit—pretending to be her cousin. But if her husband-to-be discovers she’s not really Agnes, her life is forfeit. So what choice does Eilis have but to flee?

When Laird James MacNeill’s clan rescues a half-drowned lass from the sea, there is speculation she is of the enemy clan, especially since she doesn’t remember her own name. James is immediately enticed with the lady, but his focus must remain on finding the proper bride. For if he does not wed soon, he must give up his holdings to one of his younger brothers. Focus slips away with each day Eilis is close, and James finds himself contemplating the thought of taking her to wife without knowing her true identity.

But how dangerous would the end result be? And what will happen if Eilis’s husband-to-be comes looking for her only to find her in the arms of another man?

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If you were to go back in time to medieval Scotland, what would you want to be: the leader, one of the clansmen/women, the blacksmith, sheep herder, farmer, the stable master? The lady running the household? Cook? And if you were a lass, who would you set your sights on, no matter if you were the scullery maid? And for the brawny warriors–who would you chose to be your bonnie lass?

It turned COLD. 57 here today. And that’s COLD. 🙂 <3 But I’m loving it. Though this is not a shorts day. And it’s ONLY getting up to 78. Can you believe it? And we had rain last night! Love it!

It’s going to get back up to the 90’s, so glad to get some refreshing cool weather.

And that’s it! Have a lovely, cool day and I’m off to revise more of A Silver Wolf Christmas and hope my revisions stick!




Only 99 cents! Limited time offer!

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Wilde & Woolly Bears


Do You Ever Overbook?


The Facebook Party for Her Highland Hero was a success!!! I took everyone on a tour of Dunnottar Castle and had a lot of fun. 🙂


Thanks to all the ladies who made it a success!
6:30 Victoria Roberts
7:00 Nancy Lee Badger
7:30 Vonda Sinclair
8:00 MĂ iri Norris
8:30 Eliza Knight
9:00 Mary Elizabeth Wine
9:30 Debra Dier
10:00 Brooklyn Ann & Amanda Forester
10:30 Dawn Marie Hamilton
Willa Blair and Clair Delacroix!

We had tons of prizes and I made 2 Amazon lists!





Her Highland Hero
Lady Isobel is a Norman laird’s daughter, living near the Scots border where her father, Lord Pembroke, is trying to keep the peace. But her mother was a Highlander and the man Isobel loves most of all is Laird Marcus McEwan, who has been bringing news of her mother’s people for years. But now Isobel’s father wishes her wed to an English nobleman, who will carry on his title. Isobel will wed no other man but her heart’s desire—and that is one braw Highlander from her mother’s homeland.
Laird Marcus McEwan has loved the feisty lass forever. For years, Marcus has tried to convince Lord Pembroke to allow him to wed his daughter. But the Norman lord will not allow it. Then ambushes and murders make it too dangerous for Marcus to reach a peaceful resolution.

Nothing goes as planned and keeping the lass for his own is fraught with danger, as they try to determine who was behind the killings. Isobel and Marcus will do everything in their power to ensure they are together as they have always vowed they would be.


Audiobook will be coming, and print is coming soon.

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The bundle for the first 2 books in the Highland series: Winning the Highlanders Heart, book 1, and The Accidental Highland Hero, book 2, which is priced at $3.99 for the 2 books is now available on Amazon and Kobo. Still waiting on Google Play and Barnes and Noble.





And we have an all-star cast of authors joining me in another FB party, this one for Hero of a Highland Wolf, more on that later. Still waiting on a couple of the authors to decide on times.

Then my roommate for the conference coming up after this next one informed me we could be drinking champagne while I posted. What???

Ack!!!! My release date is on the day I’ll be at another conference. The last time that happened, I made USA Today Bestseller. So maybe another miracle???

Okay, off to get a million things done. Have blog tour stuff, promised I’d make 50K by this weekend on Call of the Cougar, and need to pack.

Have a super great Saturday!!!

And to everyone who dropped by to party or already bought the new releases, thanks so much!!!

Note to self: Quit Overbooking.


I need a keeper.

Back to writing!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


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