It’s Time to Finish This Now!

Do you ever find yourself taking all kinds of pictures and never really having the time to stop and look at them? Do anything with them? Do you ever open the file and take a closer look and see the beauty you couldn’t before?

Elephant eating, turtle reflecting, snake watching, lemurs hiding.

Do you ever find yourself writing all kinds of stories and never really finishing them? They have great beginnings, and maybe great middles, but you never…finish them?

Do you ever start on a project and never quite finish it?

Sometimes it doesn’t take all that much time to stop, look over whatever you’ve been working on, and do something with it. Something fun and creative and ultimately fulfilling because you finished it.

On the other hand, maybe what you thought was okay, really isn’t, and it’s time to just get rid of it. I caution not to, though. It’s amazing what new insight, even years later, can help you to make a project shine.

I’m 20,000+ over word count and still writing the now Neverending  Story!

Have a lovely day! Babysitting day for me….


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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