The Big Picture: It’s in the Details

I’m mulling over the next plot for a book. I finished Her Jaguar Protector, Howard’s story!!!! So SEAL Wolf Brock Greystoke is the twin brother of SEAL Wolf Vaughn Greystoke in SEAL Wolf Undercover. They’re cousins of Devlyn in Heart of the Wolf. Brock is a PI and it’s his story. Do I connect him with Devlyn and Bella’s pack? Move on and set it somewhere completely different? Who is the heroine? Her occupation? Their objectives? How do they meet?

I read an interesting article on combining titles from other books that can give you an idea of a title for your book. The problem is that my publisher often changes the title. I have one that fits the book–Her Jaguar Protector for the one I just finished. That’s his mission–to be her backup. And it’s a jaguar shifter story.  So I came up with SEAL Wolf Surrender for the next story. I always do better if I have a title, then work off that.

In writing, photography, and life, we examine things–look closer, stand back and observe from a distance, see the bigger picture.

I try to put myself in my characters’ shoes. You have to know what they’re thinking, how they’re feeling to be able to share with readers. In real life, how many times have you thought your friend or family member knows just what you’re thinking? Everyone should know that. You say something and they should know just what you mean. Because…well, you do! 🙂 <3

My beta reader informed me she got lost in a scene. Hmm, person asks a question, no follow through until later. So need to switch things around. Does this happen in real life? Absolutely. My daughter asks me something, and I’m thinking about something else we talked about and I mention something more and totally lose her. But in writing, we need to be clear. 🙂

With photography, what are we focusing on? What are we trying to share? What do we want viewers, readers, friends to take away from what we’ve shared?

In the pictures, I’m fascinated with the intricacies, the beauty and the detail of the chives flower. With the sunrise, the soft, silky light and dark and colors of the clouds in the sky, a huge backdrop against the ancient trees towering above. This is old forest, the trees having watched the wildlife living among them since the beginning when they were only sprouts in the forest floor. See, it’s not just a picture of a sunrise. It’s all about life and change and sameness.

Okay, now it’s time to get more rocks for the garden to border the new flowerbeds I put in. Am I making more work for myself? Probably. Then I’m back to mulling. One writer said to pull a noun out of a book. Just any noun, and write about it. Hmm, could writing a novel be that easy? Need to find me a noun.

Have a super day looking at the big picture and the smaller details of life.


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