Have You Ever Noticed…

Have you ever noticed how perverse life can be? I was trying to open a bag of bark mulch, trying to rip the bag open, yet, they tear easily and spill their guts out all over the place where you don’t want them to?

Water droplets on Buttercup and Blanket Flower

Have you ever noticed how confusing life can be? I went to the grocery store to buy dental floss. There must have been 50 million varieties. I just stood there looking at them (I have to admit I haven’t bought any in years), but I just couldn’t believe it. All I needed was one–just the old-fashioned, normal variety.

The same thing happened when I was looking for a king size pillow. That’s all, just a KING SIZE pillow. Now they have body pillows???? They looked cool. I might have to get one!

Okay, have grandbaby and so finally rocked her to sleep on my lap. She has a routine. I have a wolf blanket she likes to lie on when she’s on my lap, and when she gets tired, she’ll start to curl up on it. BUT, I have to bounce her and “shhhhh” her and sometimes give her a bottle until she drifts off. And then???? She’s out…for a little bit. Which gives me a break to finally finish my blog.

In the pictures above, my sprinklers left water droplets on the flowers and though I try to take pictures when it’s early or later, or overcast, I captured these in the sun, which captures sunlight on the water drops too.  That could have been me this morning, minus the sun. I was out with the puppies when the sprinklers came on and I got soaked by the time I reached the patio. 🙂 <3

Off to do whatever I can when I can’t move from my spot or wake baby. But I’m enjoying her at this age, because one day she won’t want to do this and she won’t be napping, and she’ll be into even more stuff than she is now…. 🙂

Have a lovely day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Noticed…

  1. About the floss thing. They sell bags of little plastic doohinkys with floss attached. Has anyone noticed them lying around on sidewalks and parking lots? Tuesday I saw one just as I entered the allergy clinic. People that litter is a whole ‘nuther’ subject, but were they flossing on the way in or out? And did the think the allergy Doc was going to examine their teeth? Sigh, the mysteries of life.

    • Tried to answer on my laptop, but it doesn’t recognize me on my blog. lol

      Ugh, I hate that. It’s so disgusting and so unbelievable. I see trash in my yard right after kids get off the bus. Do the parents not teach them, or do the parents teach them to be that way? In the military, you bring it in, you take it out. Same thing with camping. I wish everyone had consideration for our world.

      I loved the story of someone I knew whose dad was a medical doctor, taking a wrapper off a piece of candy and tossing it. A medical doctor! Only, he did it in England. Yay for England! A bobby fined him for a goodly sum. I was glad to hear it. He had to pay it too. There’s no excuse for it!!

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